Assalamualaikum and hi every people who come visiting my site... This short info about me... Greeting to you all with big smile:)
Name : Nurrul Hazieqah
Nickname : Called Me Nurrul
Tagline : "Dont Say, Just Prove"
DOB : _ _ . _ _ . 199_
Status : Mrs ...
Fav Color : Red,Black And White
Addict : With Babies & Children
Occupation : Fulltime Student & Parttime Online Seller , Babysiter
Studies : UiTM Di Hatiku in Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource)
Studied : UiTM DiHatiku in Diploma Business Study (Transport)

Why I 'm Here ? ?
Let my cute finger typing the words to tell you what I feel inside as " D i a r y  O f  T h e  D a y " and A Big Sorry for those who feels that my blog really boring , annoy and hate with the content . My Blog is just for who want to know my journal life and what I discuss for. Dislike this ? You may click the X button at the top right tab . Sorry Again , everyone have the choices ! :")

Thank You for
Supporter in giving my spirit ,Followers ,Reader ,Silent Peeping..Anonymous and haters :)
Happy Blogging ! :D
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