Tutorial : Sub Item/topic Box Designed

Nak share something yang kiutt , ada siapa-siapa nak tengok tak ?? Hee.. Tutorial ini khas untuk siapa-siapa yang nak Sub Item/topic Box Designed :

Tak nak belit panjang-panjang , nanti pening.. Ikut tuto ini :
1. New Post / Page --> Find area box of  Compose | HTML. Click on HTML.
2. Copy this code :
.letter {
background:url(URL IMAGE);
-webkit-transition: 1.0s;
-moz-transition: 1.0s;letter-spacing:5px;
font-family:Short Stack;
padding-right:0px;border-bottom:2px solid #E5DFE6;
<br />
<div class="letter">
Note #1</div>
3.Paste this code on HTML.
4. If you wish to add extra Sub item/Topic, just add this code :
<br />
<div class="letter">
Note #2</div>
5. Please only edit all the stuff/things/words that you want at HTML.
6. If you done everything, please preview first.
7. Then after satisfy, click button Save. :)

Harap tuto ini sangat berguna >_< Kalau jadi bagitahu saya, kalau tak jadi pun sila bagitahu... 
At least, I will help you.. :) Thank you...


ღ Nice to see , nice to read ,
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Thanks , I love you all !