A Life

Life is Precious 
Only at once we life ,
Life is challenging
To get what we want , we have to take a risk , 
Life is Cruel
When there's nothing we have,
Life is Meaningless
when it make us disappointed ,
Life is Colourful
There are many colour , without it our world is dull ,
Life is Enjoyable 
When meet friends , other people and most enjoyable moment is Campus Life ,

And the most things in this life 
Life is Unpredictable
Today you were here , but tomorrow it is still the same ? ? ? 
There's was Good and bad things , Happier and sad moment... 
So , make sure you value you time wisely to make sure that you life is not gain for painful and regretful.....

La tahzan Nurrul Hazieqah ,
Life is Circle  , 
What goes around will turn around ... 
Not always at the times we at top , sometimes we also at the bottom...
But the most important life must be go on whatever SweetSour Life comes..... :D
That is Called A life


  1. nice entry dear..keep it up on blogging yea..Figthing !! :D

  2. yang penting, jangan putus asa dalam apa pun jua yang kita lakukan. InsyaAllah akan ada hasilnya

  3. @bukanretis hehe , saja2 jek.. dapat ilham masa kelas Bi tadi dengan T.Mai.. :)

    *la tahzan akak ! fighting !

  4. @boni kacak betul tuh... jangan putus asa...
    bangkitlah walaupun dah banyak kali terjatuh... usaha ! usaha usaha ! :)

  5. @Izara4eva™ Adik lagi wordless bila dengar T.Mai bagi penerangan dekat adik .. :)

    *describe amazingly !

  6. jgn bazirkan masa dgn benda tak berfaedah...


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