Tutorial : Jquery Top Button

Tutorial : Jquery Top Button
korunk tahu tak yang mana aku maksudkan Jquery Top button ? ?ianya sama saja dengan home icon blog cuma yang ini ada sedikit kelainan..sebab ianya boleh muncul dan hilang dan mucul.. huhu... nak try ? ? ... jom mari mari ! :P

1. Template --> Edit Html --> Tick Box Code --> CRTL+F

2.Search Code ni:
3.then copy code nie and paste di Sebelum Code nie </body> 
<a href='#' id='toTop'><center>PERKATAAN KOME<span class='Apple-style-span' style='color: rgb(255, 204, 204); '/></center><img src='ICON TOP BUTTON?t=1292762029' style='border:0;'/></a>
Edit :
ABC : Tulis lahh " Up / Back ke ? "
ABC : Url icon

5.search code ni plak :
6.Copy code bawh ,Paste sebelum code  ]]></b:skin>  tadi
/* to top */#toTop { 
border:0px solid #ccc;
7. Search code nie plak:
8.Copy Code Dibawah,Then pastekn Sebelum Code </head> Tdi
<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/><script type='text/javascript'>/*----------------------- * jQuery Plugin: Scroll to Top * by Craig Wilson, Ph.Creative (http://www.ph-creative.com) * Bring to you by Zen from http://zenplate.blogspot.com * Copyright (c) 2009 Ph.Creative Ltd. * Description: Adds an unobtrusive &quot;Scroll to Top&quot; link to your page with smooth scrolling. * For usage instructions and version updates to go http://blog.ph-creative.com/post/jquery-plugin-scroll-to-top.aspx * Do not delete these infomation * Version: 1.0, 12/03/2009 -----------------------*/$(function(){$.fn.scrollToTop=function(){$(this).hide().removeAttr(&quot;href&quot;);if($(window).scrollTop()!=&quot;0&quot;){$(this).fadeIn(&quot;slow&quot;)}var scrollDiv=$(this);$(window).scroll(function(){if($(window).scrollTop()==&quot;0&quot;){$(scrollDiv).fadeOut(&quot;slow&quot;)}else{$(scrollDiv).fadeIn(&quot;slow&quot;)}});$(this).click(function(){$(&quot;html, body&quot;).animate({scrollTop:0},&quot;slow&quot;)})}});$(function() { $(&quot;#toTop&quot;).scrollToTop(); });</script>
9.Akhirnyer ,siapp Korg ley la Melyag Terbang nanti,

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