Freebies : Icon Home , Newer , Older #1

Cara nak pasang icon ini , boleh refer tutorial : Home , Newer ,Older kepada Icon
back grey photo ba_g_zps6b1c9fee.png
home grey photo h_g_zpsfeb2a609.png
next grey photo n_g_zps80a2de32.png
 photo ba_r2_zpsc4587033.gif
 photo h_r2_zpsd2fe2e8c.gif
 photo n_r2_zpsd3c52524.gif
 photo ba_p2_zps8138e400.png
 photo h_p2_zps8e5012db.png
 photo n_p2_zps77b5d8f7.png
 photo ba_u2_zpsf458254f.png
 photo h_u2_zpscfbe32d5.png
 photo n_u2_zpsddb46198.png
 photo ba_b2_zps891a8766.png
 photo h_b2_zpsb1eedc36.png
 photo n_b2_zps9b594af2.png
 photo ba_y2_zps02c8895f.png
 photo h_y2_zpsab6cb024.png
 photo n_y2_zpsc9280586.png
 photo ba_g2_zps11162523.png
 photo h_g2_zps71d2037c.png
 photo n_g2_zpsea99bae9.png
Grab them and put into your blog :D

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