Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera..

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera !
Here Tutorial Blog For you.... I really hope that Tutorial can Help you :) 
Last Update 20/4/13 1.00a.m [Tutorial was upgarde for new dashboard layout.]
Dear blogger(s) ,
1. Please make sure you copy or paste the coding at  the right place .
2. Use  CRTL+C  for copy this tuto , okeyh ? ?
3. Use  CRTL+F  for finding the coding during editing your blog
4. If you have any problem , you can ASKME here.

For Newbie [BasicBlog]
-Tutorial : Cara Guna New Edit HTML template Latest !
-Tutorial : Buang hitam pada Header Latest !
-Tutorial : Function New Dashboard  / How to use CRTL+C 
-Tutorial : CaraBuat Pages
-Tutorial : Cara Guna Print Screen
-Tutorial : Background For Blog
-Tutorial : Check Blog Weight
-Tutorial : Ringankan Blog
-Tutorial : Increase Traffic Blog
-Tutorial : Things Must Have for Classic Template *Blogskins
-Tutorial : Link in Google+ Profile
-Tutorial : Remove Verify Code
-Tutorial : Verify password with Email Account
-Tutorial : Tukar Password Blog

Facebook | Nuffnang Corner
-Tutorial : Facebook Like+Share Button
-Tutorial : Facebook Like FanPage
-Tutorial : Permanently delete Facebook Account
-Tutorial : Cara Earning/Income Cepat Masuk
-Tutorial : Sign Up Nuffnang dan Cara letak dalam Blog
-Tutorial : Hantar Tiket Nuffnang
-Apa itu CPUV|BE dan CPC Campaign ?
-Tips Dapat BE dan CPC
-Tutorial : TAAAdaa

Post /Sidebar Settings
-Tutorial : Sidebar dan Post title Background
-Tutorial : Tukar Jenis Font Sidebar And Post Title
-Tutorial : Center Sidebar and Post Title
-Tutorial : Shadow Effect Sidebar and Post Title
-Tutorial : Sidebar and Post Title Hover
-Tutorial : Cute Icon Tepi Post Title
-Tutorial : Letak Ayat Bawah Post
-Tutorial : Post Footer
-Tutorial : Date besides the Entry
-Tutorial : Membuat Scroll Box
-Tutorial : Hilangkan Tarikh Atas Post Title
-Tutorial : Assalamualaikum Di setiap Post
-Tutorial : Sticky Post
-Tutorial : Letak Link Dalam Post
-Tutorial : Letak Komen,Label,tarikh, Author bawah Post Title  New !
-Tutorial : Bold First Letter Berwarna
-Tutorial : Sub Item/topic Box Designed
Comment Settings 
-Tutorial : Cute Comment Box #1 Simple,Denim Template
-Tutorial : Cute Comment Box #2 Simple,Denim Template
-Tutorial : Cute Comment Box #3 Simple,Denim Template
-Tutorial : Cute Chain Comment Box Simple,Denim Template Hot and New !
-Tutorial : Comment Background Between Admin And Reader
-Tutorial : Reply To comment
-Tutorial : Pop Up Comment Box and Comment Moderating
-Tutorial : Cute Icon Comment Box
-Tutorial : Scroll Box for Comment
-Tutorial : Change Word " Post A Comment "
-Tutorial : Add Top Commenter
-Tutorial : Total Comment on Post Title

ShoutBox/Cbox Settings
-Tutorial : Cara Daftar Cbox Shout
-Tutorial : Tukar Smilies Cbox
-Tutorial : Autohide Shoutbox Plus Float
-Tutorial : Background Shoutbox #1
-Tutorial : Background ShoutBox #2

Decorate Your Blog
-Tutorial : Full Edit Denim Template  Hot !
-Tutorial : Full Edit Simple Template  Hot!
-Tutorial : Full Edit Classic Template  Hot !
-Tutorial : Revert Classic Template To Template Design
-Tutorial : Tukar Font Blog For Classic Template
-Tutorial : Update Status
-Tutorial : Update Status #Lovely CrossBarMarque  New !
-Tutorial : Home Icon Untuk Blog
-Tutorial : Jquery Top Button
-Tutorial : Cute Cursor
-Tutorial : Disable Right Click
-Tutorial : Allert Message Hi
-Tutorial : Allert Message Bye
-Tutorial : Button Show Hide Spoiler
-Tutorial : Membuat Icon Disebelah Bloglist
-Tutorial : Wishlist Box
-Tutorial : Ubah Warna Highlight
-Tutorial : Floating Button
-Tutorial : Hilangkan Subscribe " To post : Atom "
-Tutorial : Menukar Home + Newer + Older dengan Gambar
-Tutorial : Widget Link Within dan Tukar Ayat Sendiri
-Tutorial : Make Your Blog Private
-Tutorial : Welcome Images
-Tutorial : Colourful Follower Widget
-Tutorial : Letak Background Follower Widget
-Tutorial : Background Berbeza pada Setiap Page
-Tutorial : Open New Tab
-Tutorial : Snow Ball Effect
-Tutorial : Rainy Effect New !
-Tutorial : Cute Icon Sebelah Blog Archive
-Tutorial : Calender Blog Archive
-Tutorial : Online Users
-Tutorial : Shadow Keliling Blog
-Tutorial : Ringankan Blog Dengan CSS Compressor
-Tutorial : Put IP Address
-Tutorial : Put the Favicon
-Tutorial : Double Border *Simple Template New !
-Tutorial : Put Search box in blog  New !
-Tutorial : Jquery Accordion Tab Menu
-Tutorial : coming...........

Images/Music Gadget
-Tutorial : Buang Images Border
-Tutorial : Slide Images
-Tutorial : Image Blur Cursor Sentuh
-Tutorial : Images Effect #1(Blur+Clear) New !
-Tutorial : Images Effect #2(Border) New !
-Tutorial : Images Effect #3(Rotate) New !
-Tutorial : Images Effect #4(Grey) New !
-Tutorial : Images Effect #5(Sephia) New !
-Tutorial : Images Effect #6(ColorFul) New !
-Tutorial : Images Effect #7(Flip) New !
-Tutorial : Zoom Images When Click
-Tutorial : Disable Dragging Images
-Tutorial : Letak Lagu Youtube tanpa Video
-Tutorial : Simple MP3  Hot and New !
-Tutorial : Mini MP3 Player  Hot and New !
-Tutorial : Floating Widget MP3 Player  Hot and New !

NavBar/UnderLine/Scroll/Footer Blog
-Tutorial : Hilangkan Navigation Bar
-Tutorial : Sembunyikan Navigation Bar
-Tutorial : Make Your Own Navbar
-Tutorial : Letak Button Dashboard dan Follow
-Tutorial : Single and Double Underline
-Tutorial : Underline Background Hover
-Tutorial : Scroll Bar Berwarna
-Tutorial : Scroll box Blog Archive
-Tutorial : Scroll Bloglist
-Tutorial : Footer Blog
-Tutorial : Hilangkan Power By Blogger

Blockquote/Header/Border/Linkies / Navigation Tab
-Tutorial : Type Of Blockquote
-Tutorial : Type Of Border
-Tutorial : Type Of Header Hover
-Tutorial : Centerkan Header
-Tutorial : Tambah Add a Gadget Atas Header
-Tutorial : Type Of Linkies
-Tutorial : Navigation Tab #1
-Tutorial : Navigation Tab #2
-Tutorial : Navigation Tab #3
-Tutorial : Navigation Tab #4
-Tutorial : Navigation Tab #5
-Tutorial : Navigation Tab #6
-Tutorial : Navigation Tab #7

Photoshop Corner
-Tutorial : Header/Images Transparent Photoshop CS3
-Tutorial : Animated Images.GIF Photoshop CS3
-Tutorial : Clipping Mask / Perkataan Bergambar Photoshop CS3  New !
-Tutorial : Make Your Own Cursor New !
-Tutorial : Change the color Lens Of Your Eyes !
-Tutorial : Image Region(Out Of Focus)  New !

PhotoScape | Sai | Others
-Tutorial : Header /Images Transparent Gimp 2
-Tutorial : Make Your Own Doodle (SAI)  New !
-Tutorial : Coloring / Tone Effect color Doodle (SAI)  New !
-Tutorial : Download Font Comel-comel

Download SoftWare
-Download Paint Tools SAI
-Download PhotoScape
-Download Gimp 2
-Download Adobe Photoshop CS5
-Download Adobe Illustrator CS5
Any tutorial request ? ? Just tell me , Insya'Allah I will Help You.